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DCO E R 2013-986

February 5, 2014

M r. Willis S. Cole, Jr. 13444 124th Ave. NE

Kirkland, WA 98034-5403 Dear Mr. Cole,

Thank you for your December 4, 2013 letter to me in which you forwarded a copy of your correspondence to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff concerning the World War II-era identification of four unknowns from St. Cheron cemetery in Chartres, France, and two aircraft crashes that occurred in France on September 6, 1943, during World War II. Your letter to the Chairman reiterated your theory that those unknown remains were mistakenly identified as airmen listed on Missing Air Crew Report ( MACR) 3124 ( B-17 #42-30201) and are actually the remains of airmen missing from MACR 3126 ( B-17 #42-30203).

Although the details, facts, and evidence evaluated to date have merit, they do not definitively substantiate that the identified remains are not those of the MACR 3124 airmen. As such, our analysis for these incidents is unchanged and does not validate that a mix-up of the two aircraft crash sites caused a misidentification of the unknown remains from the St. Cheron cemetery as airmen missing from MACR 3124. Without strong historical or forensic documentation suggesting otherwise, a request to disinter the identified remains for reanalysis would not withstand the rigorous Department of Defense reviews applied to all disinterment requests prior to approval by the Secretary of the Army. I hope you can understand how important it is to avoid disturbing these "final resting places" unless we are confident a favorable outcome can be achieved from disinterring.


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    Our laboratory's evaluation of the records for the St. Cheron unknowns against the Individual Deceased Personnel Files for the unresolved MACR 3126 airmen corroborated our analytical findings. JPAC's scientists reviewed the historical, dental, and osteological data and found no reason to believe the original identifications of the St. Cheron remains as the MACR 3124 crew were incorrect. Moreover, we do not believe that a repeat comprehensive evaluation of historical records would reveal differences to our current understanding of the events surrounding these cases. The case involving MACR 3126 is categorized by DPMO as an "open case" indicating that research is ongoing and any new lead s or developments will be followed up.

    "Until They Are Home"

    DCO ER 2013-986

    February 3, 2014

    Similarly, the evidence on-hand for the Orleans, France Unknown X-99 case does not suggest a solid connection with either the MACR 3124 or MACR 3126 loss incidents. If additional information is uncovered, we will conduct another evaluation of this X-file case.

    Thank you for your efforts to bring closure to families of the missing. We remain open to receiving historical or contemporary records, photographs, sworn witness statements, and any other documents you are willing to share that could further our understanding of the circumstances surrounding either the remains from the St. Cheron Cemetery, or the loss of MACR 3124 or 3126. You may provide these items or any additional questions to M r. Johnie Webb, my Deputy Commander for External Relations and Legislative Affairs at the above address. M r. Webb may also be reached by phone at (808) 448-1710 or via email at johnie.e.


    Copy to: Joint Staff DPMO

    Army PCRB

    Major General, U.S. Air Force Commander

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    26 February, 2014 - Notes concerning this reply from Major General McKeague and what I believe his reply letter really states. You see General, your game has now been exposed! WSC, Jr. “Sam”

    strong historical or forensic documentation – Basically stating, that we have not been supplying such documentation in the past. What is left, when JPAC states all the “official documents we have sent are not qualified? Indicating nothing we can send will be considered such. This statement is a “blow off” statement! “Secretary Of the Army” will only be informed of the information they select, so you have no chance of getting actual “official documents” to him. Perhaps, so! However, this approach may reach someone they believe is so close minded, the Secretary cannot make an informed decision with both sides present, so they control the one side presented to the Secretary with us, having no idea of what it is! Great, if you can do it.

    Shortened: “do not attempt to seek another evaluation, we are the Gods and your input means nothing to us!” Which is exactly why both organization need to be dissolved and replaced at once!

    Thank you for your efforts….” We remain open, but see previous paragraph, indicating you cannot possibly find any new information, that we will even look at. So, go away and never bother us again, we are the Gods, we take care of our military dead and no one, I mean no one can question us!

    You may provide” But, do not dare to contact me directly again, I am not responsible to people such as you or the families of the dead, you represent. You are to contact a lessor God, if you dare to communicate with my COMMAND again.

    With the full undertone of this letter and its basic statements, that they will never accept any evidence we may send, no matter how truthful it is to everyone outside his COMMAND. They will not accept it, for they will always find some reason not to accept it. In effect, Fool, have you not learned anything in the past 14 years, we do not want people like you bothering us, so go away and do not communicate with us again. I have learned Major General McKeague, I will not attempt to any longer to contact JPAC and I will recommend to every MIA family that reads my communications, to no longer send you information. We know now, nothing will ever meet the standards you set internally. Unless, it is a specific project you cannot refuse or a “cherry picked” case used to get a larger budget and leadership perks and income growth


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    *****Internet Readers*****"I hope you can understand how important it is to avoid disturbing these "final resting places" unless we are confident a favorable outcome can be achieved from disinterring."  Please remember this statement at the end of this long submission, as I am going to be adding a communication I received from DPMO, suggesting the easy way to settle this is to have the family of the misidentified dead, on their own, paying full expenses themselves, disinterring the remains of their loved one and taking DNA samples, then furnishing their own MDNA samples, and have both samples matched.  After paying all these expenses themselves, if it is proven that the remains are Misidentified, then DPMO might be willing to add it to some future case schedule!!!   Is this, what the families of our MIA, KIA and MID-Misidentified Dead families and the rest of the people of the Unites States got for 108 million dollar budget?  It is time to disband these two dysfunctional organizations and get serious with the real recovery of our MIA and insure our KIA and MID are correctly solved.  It is time to split the current organizations apart and create one organization that takes care of our current military dead and another, that works with the dead of wars past.  That shares completely, all information available with all the volunteer researchers both in the U.S.A. and "over there," where local historians know the history of their homes and can tie our search with their knowledge.  So much, could be done with so much less and it is time to "Get-R-Done!"

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