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             Note:  The MACR 5800 B-17G crashed 9 months after the Mohr B-17F crashed at Voves, just 1.6 miles from the Mohr crash site, misidentified as the Melville crash site. Three items contained in the internal documentation of MACR5800, prove a misidentification took place. When the B-17G covered under MACR5800 crashed, the damage it suffered basically matched the known damage theMelville B-17F had suffered, when last seen. The left wing was on fire and the nose was one fire, one man had fallen to his dead and one man was taken to the Voves village hall. In addition, the pilot’s name, Summerville, had a “ville”at the end, which he shared with Mel”ville.” who had died 261 miles to the east. Thus, began the misidentification based on the last part of a pilot’s name, a man falling to his death, a man being taken to the village hall and a crash site with an equal number of dead!

               Adding to the reasoning at that time, based on the man falling to his death, they used the clothing and flight equipment found with another unidentified remains in the St. Cheron Cemetery. They hen decided, those remains had to be Aldenhoevel! The condition of the remains, as the man who had fell to his death, would have an unburned, fall damaged remains with clothing and flight equipment. A plus, was no other Unknown remains matching that description were located in that cemetery. All the evidence to this date proves to the fact, they were not searching for the four dead found inside the burnt out Mohr B-17, most likely buried in just three graves listed as having been recovered at Voves. They were hunting for four graves, three crash damaged and one fall damaged. As, they had a fall damaged remains, the other three had to be the remainder of the four reported dead. Thus, two of the Unknown graves, reported as being recovered at Voves, were later identified by dental records that did not match and finally, the fourth, consisting of a mass of remains? Well, that had to be Melville, determined by the “process of elimination!

              Problems with the original (mis)identification? Can anyone explain to me, one fact?  In every IDPF, (Known or Unknown) that I have seen over the years, including one in this situation, many have included some sort of clothing identification number. Yet, in this one situation, the man who fell to his death, with all the items recorded as being located with his remains, there is no number recorded? With all that equipment and clothing, not one recordable ID mark? My educated guess has to be, none found on any of the items matched the number required to prove it was Aldenhoevel! Though, one such number was recorded with the burnt pile of human remains, (falsely) positively identified as Sgt. Creamer, based on a dental chart with errors and one such number. A number, easily explained, as to why the true person those remains represented, could have been wearing that item of someone else’s clothing on that mission.


              Compiled by Willis S. Cole, Jr., Battery Corporal Willis S. Cole Military Museum - 18Mar2014 3A/A1


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