2nd Lt. Elmer F. Shultz                                                                          Mohr Enlisted Crew

Mohr Crew


Input to family member of Mohr crew, who lived.  The information was supplied by a person who goes no further than what can be directly received via the Internet.  For instance, the location given for the crash site is 150 miles from the actual crash site.  The given date of death, is the date of a Summary Court Martial, which was held for each MIA to pronounce the Officially Dead.   To this date, a search of the American Battle Monuments Commissions web site, show that Lt. Morh has never been listed as being MIA, though the three crewmen who died with him, have been so honored.  This is not the first time, I have seen a MIA crew, with the pilot not listed on any of the Walls of Remembrance.  According to those who are supposed to care, they are an "open case."  Thus, that decision did not has not been made.


Now, it is over 70 years and Roy is still carried as MIA, when in fact, his remains are in a grave bearing another's name of the marker above them.


Lt.  Tim Marean - Later Captain - His statement upon returning to England after evading helped create the original misidentification of the true Mohr crash site, as being the Melville crash site.


The officers of the Mohr Crew, Lt. Mohr, front-left.