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The following is a reply to a friend of mine, who asked a researcher at DPMO about how we can get the obvious misidentification of the Mohr crew dead, as the Melville crew dead.  This is the suggestion from DPMO.

The private family of the suspected Misidentified Dead buried in a Grave with their “loved ones” name on the cross above, is to it for yourself.

 It would appear the demand on their spending of 108 million dollars last year, just does not have room for actually and truly accounting for our military dead.


If this final page, I have added to the base submission does enrage you, as it does us, please take action at once! Contact your State's Senators and your local Congressional Representative and ask them to visit this site and then, demand they act on the behalf of the involved familes!  And, to help insure both the DPMO and JPAC organizations are disbanded and their current dysfunctional leadership must not be permitted to join any replacing organization!

It is time to make sure as many MIA’s as can be recovered, be recovered. Especially, the four Melville crew dead, who are now buried as German military dead in a German WWII military cemetery!


Due to DPMO and JPAC delaying such recoveries, the local knowledge around the possible crash site location is going away.  As time, widdles down the people who were old enough at the time to remember such crashes and what may have been done with the involved dead.  There are numerous local military historians in Europe who want to help, however, they have been treated very poorly by DPMO and JPAC personnel over the past couple of decades and unless, their attutude can be changed, we will not recover MIAs, that could been recovered!

In Remembrance,

Willis S. Cole, Jr. “Sam”

Battery Corporal Willis S. Cole Military Museum


4 April, 2014

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More Follows!


     For the record, I do not think that Aldenhoevel was misidentified, but I believe that if it follows the family's wishes and if there is even a small chance that a mistake was made, then there is no harm in verifying the identity of the remains at Camp Butler in order to put the family at ease.
     I am including contact information for the director of the Center at UW, Josh Hyman, who is also the primary contact for US-based DNA testing in the case of PFC Lawrence Gordon, whose story I am sure you saw this week. I have met Dr. Hyman and he should recognize my name if you need to use it.
     If the Aldenhoevel family wishes to proceed, please just let me know. But otherwise, if you will just keep me periodically updated then that will be fine. I do not know much about what you're trying to do, so I cannot help you beyond providing a name that you can use to find out more information.

Here is his information:

Joshua R. Hyman, Ph.D.
Director, UWBC DNA Sequencing Facility
University of Wisconsin - Madison
(608) 890-1934
(608) 262-4657

Good luck.


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