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Note:  6April, 2014, his one sheet covers both the (mis)identification of Lt. Melville, based on the "process of elimination" and S/Sgt. Creamer's (mis)identification on a number found with a remains, that might have been his laundry mark.  Once, most aircrew members could easily explain, because of the way laundry was done for the aircrews at their bases.  As stated, using such a number in lack of any other prositive point of identification, was not supposed to happen in Graves Registration at that time.  The height did not match at all, the denture chart had a problem, yet the pre-determined decision to make these Mohr crew dead, the Melville crew dead was followed through to the end.


One has to really challenge, the first identification of a remains, as being those of Aldenhoevel!  All four dead at the Mohr crash site died inside the B-17.  Yet, the remains misidentified as being Aldenhoevel did not show the damage of a Mohr crewman's death.  And, his grave was some distance away from the three graves, directly tied to the Voves crash site.  This makes one think, the dead at the Mohr crash, all four of them, were placed in the three graves at the cemetery and one of the three identified as having the damage of such a crash, actually consists of two persons.  From the present evidence, it appears that the remains of X-192, is most likely the combined remains of two of the Mohr crew dead.  Only a full investigation, will settle this situation in the end and I believe, it will prove the remains identified as being Aldenhoevel's consist of a man who died unconnected to the Mohr or Melville crashes.




Note:  On 26 March, we learned exactly where the dead from the Melville crash site were buried.  They were removed from their Luvigny graves on the 23rd of February, 1959, and taken to the Andilly German WWII cemetery and buried as identified German dead from their KG200 Group, the secret group that flew captured B-17s.


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