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           Note:  This page covers the misidentification of two of the Mohr crew dead, as Melville crew dead.  S/Sgt. Creamer was      the tail gunner of the Melville B-17 and we know, as I have been to the crash site, it went in almost nose first, with the tail collapsing into the fire from the fuselage and fuel from the right wing, creating, in the end, a German military dead.  While, the photographs prove the tail of the Voves B-17, suffered the least damage and if, S/Sgt. Creamer had been there, there would be a lot of uniform and flying equipment with his remains.  Which, of course, was not with the remains misidentified as Creamer and it is obvious from the photographs that DPMO and JPAC both swear,  The other is Lt. Melville's identity, based on  a "process of elimination."  Yet, DPMO and JPAC have thrown everything at this being absolutely the Melville crew dead, when no evidence exists, in my point of view, that does prove that point of view.

Note:  All four misidentifications are based on a positibe ID, that would stand in any criminal court today.  Yet, DPMO and JPAC continues to say they do.  All four dead at the crash site at Voves, were found inside the crashed B-17.  They pay   no attention to that fact.!  We know, there were only three inside the Melville B-17.   

Again, we reach a situation where the dysfunctional DPMO and JPAC prove, that their organizations should be shut down and new leadership, in a new organization, needs to be put in place as soon as possible.  Please help, call or write your Senators and local Congressional Representative, as well as your local television and newspaper. Working together, we can get this done.  The twelve families will greatly appreciate your efforts on their behalf.   "Sam"             

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