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26 February, 2014

To whom it may concern,

The following items are supporting documentation to the enclosed letter. Except, for the copy of the reply letter from M ajor General Kelly K. M cKeague, Commander, the Joint POW /M IA Command.

As noted on the second page, the underlying tone of this reply is such, that I will never contact the General in any manner, nor his Command, as I believe, this letter and the following set of evidence submitted to JPAC over the years, will convince any reasonable reader, without the obvious internal and unknown intentions of DPM O and JPAC leadership for refusing such documentation as “strong historical or forensic documentation, to realize that both DPM O and JPAC have for fourteen years, been failing to conduct their organizations for the benefit of our military dead and their families, especially those military personnel who are still listed as M issing In Action, or have been misidentified during recovery.

imageItems 1 thru 13 are best understood, if they can be laid out across a table and review ed, all at once!

A: Notated: True copy of reply letter, received by myself and modified to use color to permit easy cross-referencing of his statements in the letter and my reply to each item, noted on page two.

Following: each item uses “official documents, official photographs, USAAF - aerial photograph, 1945, and commonly available maps of France and Google Earth maps.

1: Does Common Sense Rule Or W ill A M istake Be Hidden Forever?

2: Damage Comparison Chart - Common Sense Problems - W ith The M elville Crew Dead M isidentification! 3: A B-17 W ith Almost The Same Damage As The M elville B-17 - 35 M iles To The W est Of Strasbourg!

4: A B-17 Showing - The Damaged M ohr B-17 Over Courdray - 33.6 M iles To The East Of Voves!

5: This photograph was taken by a German Guard at the true M ohr crash site in early September, 1943.

6: A second German photograph, showing the crashed B-17 at Voves, with both wings attached to the fuselage! 7: The third German photograph, showing a hatch door, that was on the M elville B-17 went it flew to England! 8: 388th Bomber Group (H) Formation - 6 September, 1943

9: USAAF Aerial Photograph Taken Of Luvigny, In September, 1945, Shows The True M elville Crash Sites 10: The Escape Hatch Door That W as On The M elville B-17 on 6 September, 1943, W hen It Crashed!

11: 388th Bomber Group (H) M ission Date/Time Line Track Chart-Created From Numerous Official Documents

12: The Declassified 3rd Bomb Division Track Chart - 6 September, 1943 - Annotated 13: M ACR5800 - Summerville crash at Voves, on 14 June, 1944.

If, one reads each of the enclosed items, one must come to understand that the long-term history of DPM O and JPAC is one of total failure to accept “official documents and testimony” from outside sources who have actually spent years researching the documents involved. Their response to us, over a 20 year period was fine until the new leadership was put in place in the early 2000's. At that time, the failure to properly verify submitted documents has led the DPM O and JPAC organizations to a point, where the only remaining correction, is to disband both organizations and their leadership down to the most basic level. Lower employees are obviously working in fear of their positions as the current leadership has developed an internal culture which often prevents them from doing the job they thought they were employed to do.

I first became aware of developing problems, when I heard that M IA dead found in a single occupied air craft, with the entire aircraft and the pilot enclosed in one location, was not identified by the older, general standards for such identification. This demand for full forensic documentation and full DNA or M NDA work, resulted in obvious remains being held for years, until the leadership needed another media scene, broadcasting the excellent work of DPM O and JPAC, when in fact, the remains being for such long periods of time, helped required larger quarters, more personnel and larger leadership perks and wages packages.

I was told by an older person, retiring toward the end of the 1990's, that the new identification requirements were set up to do the above, as no one would question all the new budget and facility demands from “those who take care of our miliary dead.” He has been proven to be exactly right, as the operation was moved to a plus resort area, two oceans away from where the vast number of possible recoverable M IA remains were waiting to be recovered.

Then, I heard from the citizens of Europe who were interested in the events of the war around their homes, that if you found the location of an American M IA., you may not want to let anyone know. For one thing, in France, it was illegal to do such research in the field. It really depended on the local authorities, in some Departments you could end up in jail, in others that law was usually ignored. The biggest problem, was with seeking the United States help to recover their dead, is JPAC would arrive, take over and thank you and go away. M ost of the time, you never heard anything else, unless you had met some of the M IAs family members.

The most upsetting thing, was when you received an article about the M IA you located, which after a long period of time, often years, JPAC had conducted a “Search and Recovery” and JPAC had recovered the remains of an M IA and JPAC was holding a full military burial and, what the heck had happened to you. The best you might read, was JPAC was taken to the location by a local person and then, JPAC did the “Search and Recovery!” The leadership of the two organization, DPM O and JPAC are so smug and believe, that no one in the world can or would question them, for they are the “Gods, who take care of our miliary dead and who, would dare question them!”

For the past year, it has been coming home to roost. H owever, as the enclosed reply letter from the JPAC Commander proves, the Commander still believes, they are better than anyone else and only they, have the end power in identifying and/or actually taking action is the case of an M IA or a misidentified military dead.

Gentle People, as you complete this large submission to you, on behalf of the families of 8 air crew who died on 6 September, 1945, and the families of two Congressional M edal Of Honor Awardees, along with the families of the two men who died with them, if you have any questions at all, please contact me at once and I will provide any an all answers required.

For many years, I thought it was my research at fault, now thanks to the CBS news presentation and the “Stars and Stripes” article concerning the failure of JPAC to help recover a proven American military dead from a German cemetery, I now know exactly where to lay the blame. Please, think of the four dead M elville aircrew who have also been buried in a German miliary cemetery and understand as I do, the leadership of DPM O and JPAC will refuse their American heritage, just as they have now been proven to have do before.

I will be sending full copies of this submission to the families of all who wish copies. I will be sending four copies to each family, one is to be sent to their States’s Senators, one to their local Congressional Representative and one for the family archive, as well as sharing with their local newspapers and TV stations, with their personal request for immediate action concerning the situation outlined in this entire package.

In Remembrance,

W illis S. Cole, Jr. “Sam”

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