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To:  Internet Reader - Following is the cover letter to the hard copy submission I prepared for the families of twelve men


                                         who are still listed as MIA (Missing In Action), KIA (Killed In Action) or a new catagory that I have


                                         had to add at this time, MID (Misidentified Dead).  My research into the two extremely different sets


                                         of bomber crashes during World War Two, that are covered in this complete submission, dates back


                                         to Christmas Eve, 1991.   The first set concerns the Tincourt-Boucly/Hattonville crash sites of 9/10


                                         November, 1944, and the second set concerns the Voves/Luvigny crash sites of 6 September, 1943.



                                                                                                                                                                               23 February, 2014 

Dear Gentle People,

Enclosed are the submissions I have contacted you about. Most Priority Mail envelopes will include four of these submission packages. Each, is the same as the one the people in Washington, DC. I have sent four to you, as I do have a purpose behind this.

After all these years, there is finally a growing crack in DPMO/JPAC, the organizations, which should be helping assure you, that the remains of the loved one, who died during World War Two. For years, I thought, it was a failure of mine, in not providing exactly what they stated, they needed.

Submission after submission and we never managed to get them to act. It turns out, it was not only our effort that was being tossed aside by DPMO and JPAC. They had been refusing many families the help that is supposed to be their mission. What they have been doing, is finding some item in all the submissions, as an excuse to not do anything and, at the same time, not tell you the reason behind their refusal.

Last August, again in September and again in December, I sent submissions directly to the people on this list. Then, just before Christmas, I received some information from one of them and a contact address. I figured, my submissions finally got some attention. I now know, my submission, along with others from people as unhappy as I was, finally forced an investigation to begin.

I suggest, you read very closely, what is in this submission, in order to fully understand the situation and once, you have accomplished, I/we all need your specific help in creating enough political pressure in Washington to finally put them in a place, they will either do what I/we have been requesting all these years, or they will be gone and it will be done by the new organization, that will replace these two. Which, as you read, you will understand, that is what, I personally hoping will happen

The purpose for the four copies is simple, I ask you to write a simple cover letter, by hand is best, you can use the same one, just rewrite it three times. One copy is for your family’s records and another use, I will cover below. Two are to be sent to your State Senators and the third, is to be sent to your local Congressional Representative. They are up for re-election this year and want your vote and will act to insure they do get it.

Write a personal type letter, stating your relationship to the World War Two deceased family member and how much it has affected you and your family. If, you are a sibling, then it is extremely important for you to tell them your age and after 69 or 70 years, it is time these two organizations, which has now been proven to be working against the efforts to resolve your worries and help you finally understand with what happened to the deceased.

Please do it and send them as soon as possible. The more that arrive, as quickly as possible, will help increase the pressure for them to act.

Now, once you have done that, contact your local news paper and TV station and seek their help with your request to your elected representatives in Washington. Make certain, you tell them, that you have sent in a submission proving what really happened to your loved one, to (name the elected person) and that what you are trying to expose with he help of (name the elected person) to resolve the mystery surrounding the death of your relative during World War and make certain you mention the CBS news presentation and the “Stars and Stripes” article.

The internet address for both of these are included in the main letter. Do not worry, if you are not able to use a computer, let them do it for you when they come to interview you, or you go to their offices to demand their help. I am 74 and almost the living siblings, perhaps you, are much older and please do not feel inhibited in using your age to help get this done.

There are twelve direct families involved in these two research projects and between all of you. Let’s get busy and make it happen. If, any of you have any political connections, now is the time use them.

My email and telephone numbers are above and feel free to establish contact either way. I do want to keep you all up to date, so we can act together and create a pressure, that will, once and forever, get the people out, that have been making false excuses all these years.


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